Your pre-school child needs care, patience, understanding and kindness. All that we offer at Kids Connection Learning Center, LLC blends together to create an atmosphere and environment that recognizes this. By far the most important ingredient in this blend are our staff teams and you can be sure each individual staff member has these qualities in abundance. Our equipment has been carefully selected to support all areas of child development and is all purchased new. All equipment is regularly checked for damage and replaced as soon as this becomes necessary. We are particularly proud of the computer facilities. Children seem fascinated and excited by computers and Information Technology, used in the right way, is an extremely useful tool for preschool learning. Young children learn the most when they are happy, relaxed and having fun; doing the things that they enjoy doing. Put simply, they learn best when they are playing. Through such play, children grow in their eagerness for learning; they start to see themselves as “little learners”. There's no doubt that a well planned and balanced curriculum is fundamental to your child's early development. At Kids Connection we implement an engaging, stimulating and wide ranging program that gives your child the best possible start to their educational life. The activities, games and experiences we provide recognize children's individuality, reward their strengths and encourage their growth in all ways. The government has introduced a framework for early years education that clearly sets out the main areas of learning and development that are important for children. Activities and structured play at Kids Connection are designed to fit within this framework, giving your child the right skills, knowledge and attitude for their future education. Every week we have a main theme or topic that many of our planned play activities are linked to. Your child will enjoy discovering and learning about the theme with the staff and their friends. These topics will cover a broad range of subjects to capture your child's imagination. But curriculum isn't a word that your child should worry too much about. Our approach to early years education ensures that they will simply look forward to coming to Kids Connection, playing with their friends, enjoying the toys and equipment, producing wonderful works of art and exploring new experiences.